Who are Robin and Roy?

Robin and Roy are robotic solutions that pick up towels and automatically offer them to a towel folder, regardless brand and type of folder. Robin was conceived in 2017 and born in 2019. Roy is born in 2020. Both can work for you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, at a constant speed and quality.

Can I order directly from Laundry Robotics?

No you can not. Please ask your preferred dealer or send your email to: info@laundry-robotics.com

What is the delivery time?

Our dealers can inform you on delivery times. Normal delivery time is anywhere between 12-14 weeks.

Does Laundry Robotics make use of AI software?

Yes, Robin and Roy use AI software. To be more specific they use Deep Learning (DL) software. DL is een AI function that immitates the workings of the human brain in processing data and creating patterns for use in decision making. 

How does Deep Learning (DL) work?

Deep Learning, also known as deeply structured or hierarchical learning, is part of a larger family of machine learning methods. DL is applied to robin and roy in a controlled manner. Controlled DL means that the algorithm gets examples of input and corresponding output. Based on these examples it learns how the characteristics of the input define the output. After the learning phase, the algorithm will be able to produce the right output for new input. The results are very similar to the results of human hands – and often even better!

Who owns the third party software?

The third party is a Dutch company affiliated to a Technical University. This company has adapted its software exclusively for Laundry Robotics for use in industrial laundries.

What is my payback period?

Of course, this depends entirely on your situation. How many hours does the toweling folder run per week? How high are your current personnel costs? The dealer can calculate your payback period.

What are the laundry essentials for employing robin and roy?

Robin and Roy need: electricity, compressed air and every now and than an internet connection to “fuel up” the software. And of course you need a towel folder!

Can Robin and Roy work with all towel folders?

They can work with any brand and type of standalone towel folder. 

What else do Robin and Roy need?

Robin and Roy need a steady supply of towels and a continuous operation of the towel folder. And, like all of us, they need colleagues who look after them.

Are Robin and Roy able to recognize logos?

Yes it is possible to equip Robin with an option that recognizes logos. It is not possible to equip Roy with logo recognition. 

Do Robin and Roy need any service and maintenance? And do I need to sign a service contract for that?

They need highly attention and care but not that much. A service contract with your dealer is recommended.

Can I order Robin and Roy in a different color?

No, Robin and Roy were born like this.

Can Robin and Roy handle coloured towels?

So far they learned themselves to pick up coloured towels. Please ask your dealer to test your coloured towels.

Do Robin and Roy need to know the details of your towels?

No! Robin and Roy always accurately detect the corner of a towel and deliver it correctly to your folder. 

Can I see Robin and Roy @work?

Please ask your preferred dealer or send your email to: info@laundry-robotics.com

I have a specific question about the solutions?

Please ask your preferred dealer or send your email to: info@laundry-robotics.com